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What is Public Art?

Erika Strecker- Sculptor of Nexus

Musings on Public Art 2006

There is a long historical precedence of the artist's involvement in architecture and in public spaces.

Art is essentially a communication- and Public Art is ultimately an expression of the collective experience.

Public Art belongs where the public goes; and it makes an enduring mark on the places we inhabit.

Public Art has the opportunity to connect with audiences on their own turf, and the great thing about Public Art is that the PUBLIC is the beneficiary.

We are ALL the audience for Public Art.

Public Art offers a cultural experience to those not necessarily seeking one.

Artists, reaching outside themselves are given the opportunity to reflect for the community collective.

The artists bring their individual creative perspective to the world; the audience uses their own perceptions and imagination to engage with the art.

Surprised by accidental encounters, art in public encourages mingling, questioning & pondering - it encourages dialogue within yourself, dialogue with the work, and dialogue with the environment.

We need artists to help us memorialize, to beautify, to address problems, to serve communities, and to manifest ideas.

Public Art can make strangers talk, children ask questions, and be a contemplative pause in this busy world.

It can be a welcoming gateway,
it can help us look at real world issues,
investigate phenomena,
it can be a landmark,
it can make us smile,
help us remember,
let us mourn,
teach us lessons,
and engage the young.

Public art gives shape to our shared identities and experiences.

I thank you for the opportunity to speak with you today about my passion and my profession.

Thank You.