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Stop #3 Stained Glass Windows at First Baptist

First Baptist Church of Frankfort, was founded in 1816 and was originally an integrated congregation. However, in 1833, some white members of the church thought it was wise to separate the races, creating two First Baptists – one white and one black. Although this First Baptist was chartered in 1833, the members did not have a permanent home until they built this edifice on Clinton Street in 1905. The church had been denied city building permits and a legal battle lasted several years until the Court of Appeals decided the city’s opposition was “largely based upon race prejudice.” The impressive brick structure and beautiful stained glass windows are a reminder that members, who at that time were typically earning less than fifty cents an hour, raised thousands of dollars to build their beloved church. Many members were masons and donated their services. Individuals, families, and groups purchased the stained glass windows, which commemorate pastors, auxiliaries, and early church members. The Rose Window which faces Clinton Street is a crowning feature. The congregation is committed to restoration of the church and has been actively making enhancements, remodeling, and restoration in recent years under the leadership of their current pastor, Robert Earl Houston.

Visitors are invited to enter and view the windows or to join the congregation for worship services.

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