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Stop #6 RJ Corman Children's Mural

The RJ Corman Railroad Bridge spans Wilkinson Street, one block before the railroad crosses the Kentucky River. Trains run through downtown Frankfort several times a day, and the rumble of the train is part of Frankfort’s heritage, but until recently, the bridge over Wilkerson was an eyesore, a 350 foot long expanse of dingy gray. That changed in 2010, when the Children’s Mural project was initiated, spearheaded by artist and art teacher Jennifer Zingg. When a Sherwin Williams executive visited Zingg’s art class and offered to donate paint, Zingg saw the chance to provide an incredible experience for the students in her summer program. She submitted a proposal to the RJ Corman Railroad Group and asked for support from the City. RJ Corman approved her proposal and the City power washed the wall. It took Jennifer and the children two summers to complete the project. Seeing the children at work inspired an outpouring of community support. Train conductors waved and drivers honked and shouted encouragement. Some people even brought popsicles. Robin Antenucci, of Frankfort Tourism, says that the mural reflects the history of the city. Zingg points out that the creation of the Children’s Mural adds a new chapter to the community’s history. Carley Bishop, 10 year old mural artist, says that she is proud that she helped make downtown better and brighter.




RJ Corman Children's Mural Process