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Stop #9 Old Federal Building -- now the Kentucky State University Downtown Annex

Built of Kentucky and Indiana limestone in 1887, the Old Federal building served first as the federal courthouse, then as a post office, and most recently as the Paul Sawyier Public Library. The harbor master was located on the top floor because of the excellent view of the Kentucky River. When the public library moved into its new facility, The City of Frankfort offered Kentucky State University an opportunity to purchase the building on very favorable terms, and in 2009, KSU was awarded a one million dollar historic preservation grant to renovate the building to serve as a downtown campus. KSU plans to preserve the unique features of the building, such as the cupola, and to restore as much of the original interior finish of the building as possible while creating classroom spaces and housing the archives collection of the Center of Excellence for the Study of Kentucky African Americans. Most exciting, KSU will create a discovery center for school children and tourists in connection with its floating science lab, a pontoon boat that cruises the Kentucky River to teach students about the riverfront and water ecology.  

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The color lithograph rendering appeared in the March 31, 1883 issue of the American
Architect and Building News.13 This first design was to be brick with terra cotta detailing.
It is an elaborate, polychrome design with an enclosed cupola, clocks on each face of the
tower, an attic story with dormers over the courtroom and decorative terra cotta diapering
in a wide band course defining the location of the second floor joists: (Fig. 4)
"At the urgent request of the citizens of Frankfort, the original intention was
abandoned, and the design will be executed in stone, such changes only being
made in the general character as will be necessary to adapt it to the new

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