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Stop #5 Now Get

Now Get and its sister sculpture, Nexus, were commissioned by the Kentucky Arts Council, the Transportation Cabinet, and the Finance and Administration Cabinet in 2003. Garry Bibbs, the sculptor selected to create a public art piece in front of the newly constructed Transportation Cabinet Office Building, says that he had two goals in designing the sculpture. First, he wanted to get people’s attention through the dynamic movement inherent in the twin, towering arch passageway design. Then he wanted to tell a story of transportation. To him the columns represent forum, government, and order, while the looping bridge forms that connect the columns represent travel, both in time and in space, culminating in the abstract flying automobile at the top. He also wanted the sculpture to be inviting to people, which is why he designed a passageway so that people can stroll through and around the artwork or sit on the base. He chose the title Now Get, which is Southern slang meaning “get out of here and get out of here quickly.” He used this expression because he wanted to draw people in to make their own interpretations. He compares creating abstract sculpture to poetry and jazz. Professor Bibbs teaches art at UK and is a former professor and graduate of Kentucky State University, just up the hill.

Now Get Process