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Stop #4 Nexus

Nexus and its sister sculpture, Now Get, were commissioned by the Kentucky Arts Council, the Transportation Cabinet, and the Finance and Administration Cabinet in 2003. Erika Strecker and Tony Higdon were selected to create a sculpture to be installed at the convergence of Holmes, High, and Mero streets. The team first built a four foot tall model. Precise engineering was required as they constructed a 50 foot tall structure based on that 4 foot tall model, especially since they built the sculpture in their workshop laying in a horizontal position, knowing that it would be installed vertically. They engineered it to withstand extreme weather conditions of ice and wind occurring simultaneously. Erika describes Nexus as an amalgamation of themes relating to transportation, including a bridge form, the wing of an airplane, and a boat form. Tony explains the title of the piece means a convergence or coming together. One of the design problems they faced was deciding how to orient the sculpture, which would be visible to traffic approaching from three different directions. They discovered that in Frankfort true north and magnetic north are the same, so they decided to orient the sculpture so that the pointing spire on the back side points to true – and magnetic – north.

Nexus Interviewing the Artists