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Stop #20 Josephine Sculpture Park

The Josephine Sculpture Park is a unique stop on the Frankfort Public Art Tour because it is constantly changing with the seasons. A non-profit outdoor gallery, the park is free and open every day from dawn to dusk. Visitors can meander walking paths through native meadows to view over thirty works of art some of which are permanent and some temporary. Elizabeth Scofield, a sculptor who enjoys exhibiting at the park, likes the fact that there is room for different kinds of art and the opportunity to experiment with art that is not intended to be permanent. Jason Brown, another exhibiting artist, thinks that permanent artwork is important as public art because it becomes part of local history and identity, but he thinks there is also a need for rotating exhibits in the public landscape to keep ideas fresh and revitalize creativity. Melanie VanHouten, the park’s founder, believes that making art is an innate part of who we are as a species, and that it is critically important for art to be part of our everyday experience. As a student and art professor in Minnesota, she visited the Franconia Sculpture Park, and from that moment on, she knew that she wanted to create a sculpture park named in honor of her grandmother, on the farm where she had spent much of her childhood happily roaming the fields. She sees the sculpture park as a way to conserve her grandparents’ farm and share both her love of art and her love of the rural landscape with the community at large.

About the Park and the Project