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Stop #11 Art at Church of the Ascension

When Jayden Kurtz looks at the stained glass windows in the Church of the Ascension, they remind her of stories from the Bible. Like other children in the church, Jayden has spent time studying the symbolism in the windows and through them, learning the stories of the nativity, the crucifixion, the ascension and other events in the life of Jesus. The windows are so important to the church that in the early 2000’s they undertook a massive restoration project. Each window was removed, cleaned, re-leaded, and re-installed. The results were spectacular, the colors so bright that they looked like different windows. Considered an architectural gem, the windows are not the only place to find symbols and stories in this Gothic Revival church. Women in the church have created intricate needlework designs on the altar kneelers that reflect the symbols found in the windows. A former pastor, popularly known as Father Chuck, approached Erika Kaiser, a landscape artist and church member, about creating a painting for the sanctuary. At first Kaiser was nervous about attempting a liturgical painting, but with some encouragement she undertook it. They decided on the theme of the flight of Mary, Joseph and the infant Jesus into Egypt to escape the slaughter of infants ordered by King Herod. The background of the painting depicts the City of Frankfort. With the successful completion of this painting, Kaiser undertook her second painting for the church, the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Throughout its more than 185 year history, music has been an important part of worship at Ascension, a tradition, which continues today.

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Documenting the Church's Artistic History