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Welcome to the Frankfort Public Art Tour

Frankfort is more than the state capital of Kentucky. It is a community with a rich artistic history and diverse cultural heritage. The Frankfort Public Art Tour invites you to take a deeper look at the Capital City, to come to know its historic architecture, its stained glass windows, its murals and statues, and ultimately its people. A visit to Liberty Hall can take you back in time to the early days of Kentucky's statehood, while Nexus and Now Get celebrate Frankfort's place as a hub of modern life. With a minute hand 20 feet long and 10,000 flowers, the Floral Clock is one of the most popular sites in Frankfort. Another time-related destination is the Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a tribute in the form of a giant sundial whose shadow falls on the name of each fallen veteran commemorated on the granite plaza on the anniversary of his death. If you cannot walk or drive the whole tour, enjoy the images on these pages as you listen to the voices of artists, historians, and students sharing the story of their city.

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